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For more than 40 years, New System has helped clients’ bottom line and facilities shine by providing the absolute best in janitorial and maintenance supply products. To learn more, open the tabs below:

Building Service Contractors (BSC)
New System understands the challenges faced by building service contractors – the need for training and improved labor productivity, increasing pressure on margins and the challenges of retaining customers – just to name a few. New System will not only help grow your business, but grow it more profitably. Here is just a sample of what we have to offer BSCs. Click on the links below to find out more about each area.

BSC Resources: High-Performance Products

New System provides a complete range of high quality and high performance products – everything a BSC needs to deliver better cleaning results, while improving labor productivity at the same time. You can search for them here or download our latest product catalog.

Pro-Link Product Catalog

Here’s a few of our products that are perfect for the needs of building service contractors.

Dilution Control Systems

b14215ccjrOur Dilution Control Systems offer several different dilution control devices that all use the same chemical refills. So no matter what the requirements of the facility, you can have the same chemical refills – whether you use just one dilution system or multiple types. Each chemical refill is color and number coded to make training easy and minimize mistakes.

chemicenterrefillsOur dilution control products help create a clean, safe and healthy work environment. The dilution control systems offer:

  • Spill proof bottles ensures your employees are safe
  • A new dilution control device in every bottle for accurate dilutions every time
  • Reliable, trouble free operation for increased productivity and less downtime
  • Easy installation

Dilution Control System Brochure

Microfiber System

With Pro-Link’s Microfiber System, you can clean better, increase productivity, increase worker safety, reduce chemical and water usage, reduce the risk of cross contamination, and lower your total costs.

Pro-Link meets the challenge to help maintain clean and safe floors and work surfaces with a wide range of products to meet any facility’s needs: from flat mops with extended loops that pick up more than 10 times the soil of traditional mops and 4 to 6 times more than standard microfiber mops to disposable string mops, to clothes and gloves for dusting.

Pro-Link’s Microfiber System utilizes innovative handles, holders, buckets and wringers to complement our microfiber solutions. These products are designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, keep your staff productive, reduce worker fatigue and strain, and minimize liability.

Our complete solution includes:

•  Flat, Extended Loop, String, Disposable mops
•  Bucketless Mops
•  Charging System
•  Scissor Mops
•  Buckets & Wringers
•  Cleaning Carts

Advanced Microfiber System Brochure

Touchless Cleaning on the Move

image009New System’s Kaivac machines are designed for daily cleaning of restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms and many other areas. This touchless, mobile system increases productivity by at least 30%! The unit is compact in size and allows you to clean even the smallest areas. It helps reduce cross contamination and does a better job of cleaning compared to traditional methods.

BSC Resources: Training

image010Proper procedural training for employees is one of the most critical issues building service contractors face. Using appropriate training material leads to:

  • new workers getting up to speed faster
  • increased labor productivity
  • more consistent and better cleaning results
  • improved customer satisfaction levels
  • happier and more satisfied employees
  • and a growing and profitable contract cleaning business!

New System and Pro-Link have developed highly effective procedural training materials that help contractors achieve these results. Our training materials cover the 10 most common cleaning tasks – from daily restroom cleaning to carpet spotting to hard floor care and everything in between.

Our training is available in formats appropriate for group training and for placing in janitors’ closets to constantly remind workers of the proper procedures. And the material is available in both English and Spanish.

Click on the links below to view samples of our training material.

image011Applying Floor Finish Chart




image012Applying Floor Finish Slides

BSC Resources: Green Cleaning

image013More and more, contract cleaners are being asked by their customers to “clean green”.  New System offers one of the most comprehensive Green Cleaning programs in the industry. We offer green-certified products, training tools, advice on how to start a green program, green cleaning certification education, and more.

Some of the benefits contract cleaners can expect to get from adopting a green cleaning program include:

  • Differentiation from your competition
  • Improved safety of your workers
  • Fewer missed work days
  • Less employee turnover
  • Positive impact on worker liability insurance

We have an ISSA Certified Expert (ICE) on staff to help you work toward CIMS certification.  We are also a GCI certified education center to help your staff to get their industry certifications.

BSC Resources: Business Management Tools

The day to day demands of running a contract cleaning business can be very time consuming. Sometimes there isn’t much time left over to focus on improving operations and procedures to make the business run more efficiently.

New System and Pro-Link have developed a number of simple and easy-to-use spreadsheet tools to help contactors get their arms around the business. We’ve developed tools for budget management, inspections, quality control and labor scheduling.

Here’s just one example of a tool we’ve created for BSCs:
image014  BSC Budget Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet help you track and manage your consumables spending for each account. Simply enter the budget and actual spending amounts each month, and spreadsheet does all the calculations for you — including easy to read graphs.

Please contact New System for more information.

BSC Resources: BSC Advisor

image016To further help building service contractors improve their business operations and their long term profitability, Pro-Link publishes the BSC Advisor. It is written by a nationally recognized consultant to cleaning contractors and it focuses on business issues BSCs face and provides advice and suggestions.

Topics include:

  • Sales plan development
  • Proposal writing
  • Strategies for account retention
  • and many more…

Click below for an example edition.  Other editions of the BSC Advisor are available by contacting us.

BSC Advisor

BSC Resources: Marketing Tools

Growing a cleaning business is tough enough. Doing it profitably is even harder. New System understands that many times the basic contract for daily cleaning services comes at very low margins.

By adding on services beyond the basic contract, BSCs have the opportunity to enhance the profitability of the account.
New System can help by providing contractors professional marketing tools to help win add-on business.

One example is this sell sheet that is designed to help you sell a carpet maintenance service to your existing accounts. Click Here for Sell Sheet Example

For more information, and to have add on business tools customized for your company, contact us.