Tornado® BR 9/1 MW Multi-Purpose Scrubber - 1.2 L

Tornado® BR 9/1 MW Multi-Purpose Scrubber - 1.2 L

Item # TO-99409

  • Makes cleaning quiet and simple, it will fit in any areas with the flexibility to clean everything from grout lines and uneven surfaces to carpets, all with minimal noise disruption..
  • Solution/Recovery tank: 1.2 L/.3 Gal.; Brush width: 8.5"; Brush RPM: 650
  • Cleaning path: 9"; Cleaning rate: 2,133 sq ft/hr.; Cord length: 40'
  • Brush motor: 400 W; Brush type: 2, counter-rotating cylindrical
  • Sound level: 69 db (A); Dimensions: 15" L x 14" W x 44" H; Net weight: 44 lbs.
  • Tank construction: Polyethylene
1.2 L, ea
Manufacturer #99409

High quality floor cleaning performance, ease of use and durability, the most compact and versatile answer to quietly and easily clean everything from hard to soft surfaces.


  • Compact, takes automatic scrubbing into confined, small-areas where bigger units can not go.
  • Removable recovery tank provides easy access and cleanup.
  • Solution atomization cleaning solution is atomized into a fine mist and dispersed through the cylindrical brushes, so less moisture is consumed during the hard floor or carpet cleaning process.