Tornado® Virga Electrostatic Battery Cart Mister - 8 Gal., 2.9 AH Lithium-Ion

Tornado® Virga Electrostatic Battery Cart Mister - 8 Gal., 2.9 AH Lithium-Ion

Item # TO-TP380-G08-U

  • Full of features and puts you in total disinfection control with the ability to choose between electrostatic or standard spraying, and 3 spray tip sizes that makes it suitable for any surface and space.
  • Pressure (Max.): 115 psi; Voltage: 44V; Solution tank: 3.5 Gal.
  • Tank capacity: 8 Gal.; Hose length: 10'; Spray tips: 3
  • Flow: 40 microns: .02gpm; 60 microns: .04gpm; 75 microns: .04gpm
  • Battery run time: Approx. 8+ hours; Battery recharge: 2 1/2 hours
  • Battery storage: 32° - 140° F; In tank filters: Yes
  • Spray tip droplet size: White = 40 microns, Blue = 60 microns, Black = 75 microns
  • Spray tip reach: White and Blue = 30"; Black = 21"
  • Dimensions: 41" x 19.75" x 38.25" (with wand in holster)
8 Gal., 2.9 AH Lithium-Ion, ea
Manufacturer #TP380-G08-U

This unit also provides the unique benefit of allowing you to opt between a budge-friendly dilutable solution or the convenience and consistency of a TRU disinfectant. With features like a lightweight spray nozzle, rolling cart, and the battery power and tank size to provide hours of continuous use without recharging or refilling, the Virga delivers an unmatched combination of portability and productivity.


  • Rolling cart design easily maneuvered from room to room, up and down elevators, stairs and from building to building.
  • 10' spray hose provides enough reach to easily spray large areas without having to move the machine.
  • Lightweight spray-nozzle design reduces the hand and arm fatigue found with most other electrostatic sprayers.
  • 8 gallon tank provides up to 5 1/2 hours of continuous use before having to be refilled.
  • Quick-disconnects on the machine and spray gun allows the hose to be removed effortlessly for cleaning and storage.
  • Easy to fill and empty solution tank. Solution fill hose easily attaches to a sink to fill the tank. Detachable rear dump hose allows for remaining solution to be drained from the tank with ease.
  • Fingertip electrostatic on/off feature: Electrostatic provides an electrical charge to the solution and allows the solution to wrap around all sides of any conductive surface. Standard is best for spraying smooth surfaces, wall corners and other surface
  • Removable 44V 2.9 AH lithium-ion battery and charger with easy access door.
  • Battery can be charged onboard or removed for charging.
  • 50.4 V DC 1.5A charger with AC cable is included with the unit.
  • Large 10" rear wheels allow the cart to easily roll over transitions and up and down stairs.
  • 4" front swivel locking caster wheels.
  • Translucent solution level sight tube allows for quick check of remaining solution.
  • Built-in handle for easy pushing or pulling.
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